Monday 10 September 2012

Rabbit Trap

Jacqueline and her friend Ella were on a mission last week.  They discovered that a cotton-tailed rabbit lives under our neighbour's deck and they decided to catch it.  So, they set a rabbit trap.  They needed materials to make a trap, but they didn't ask me to buy them -- the girls used what they could find in our backyard.  First, they took Jacqueline's two red soccer nets and set them under our tree facing each other.  Then she took a blue pail from the sandbox and attached it to a yellow rope that Ella found and hung the contraption from a tree branch between the two nets.  The girls placed a few mini carrots in the pail.  Leaving no stone unturned, the girls collected some rocks (that had chipped off of our cement block fence behind) and made a "bed" for the rabbit with old newspaper as a blanket.  Then they took a scarecrow stand that says "Jonasson" on it from the shed and placed it up against the soccer net (maybe to scare off birds so they wouldn't eat the carrots?).  Then they waited for the bunny.  Several days went by but the rabbit did not take the bait.  Finally, yesterday I dismantled the rabbit trap.  But I will never forget the girls' ingenuity.  How cute!


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