Thursday 16 August 2012

Sweet Dreams!

Here are 10 things you may not know about dreams:

1.  Twelve percent of people dream only in black and white while the majority can dream in colour.  Studies show that from 1915 to the 1950's, people dreamed mainly in black and white.

2.  Everyone you see in your dream is real, someone you have already met in real life. 

3.  We forget 95% of our dreams since the chemical we need to convert our short term memories into long term ones is absent during sleep.

4.  Our recollections of our dreams are usually false.  In order to remember, we need to keep a pad of paper and pencil by our bedside and jot down our dream sequencies right after they happen.

5.  Oneironautics is the ability to control your movements while dreaming.

6.  Seventy percent of males have dreams where only other males are present while females dream about males and females (50-50 split).

7.  We dream about two hours per night including 4 to 7 different dreams.

8.  A false awakening is a dream where we wake up and perform our morning activities, but we are really still sleeping (a dream within a dream).

9.  Some people think they can predict the future through dreams.

10.  Dream art refers to painting about what we have dreamed.

Sweet dreams!


Dream Art Image of "On the Wings of a Dream" courtesy

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