Thursday 23 August 2012

15 Steps to Better Blogging

1.  Choose a name which is indicative of your interests ex. if you love bacon, BaconCandy could be your blog name.

2.  Decide on a topic or focus for your blog; otherwise, it's just a fancy diary (ex. politics, food, movies, cars, etc).

3.  Update your blog frequently by setting a daily or weekly routine.

4.  Personalize your blog ex. decorate your space.

5.  Visit relevant blogs ex. if you are writing about cars, visit other car blogs.

6.  Keep your blog posts interesting; avoid repetitive posts or posts which are off topic.  For instance if your blog is called BaconCandy, your readers will be disappointed if you write about vegetarians.

7.  Use spell check.

8.  Some blog providers allow the use of ads.  Companies pay you to advertise on your blog.  However, to be done tastifully, it is recommended that you pick ads that pertain to your topic ex. I write about history so I should advertise something like the History Channel, etc.

9.  Be patient in establishing a following.  Bloggers have an international audience of 172 million.  However, it will take you awhile to tap into that audience.

10.  Find aggregators, websites that will provide a link to your blog in order to attract more readers.

11.  Avoid slang or abbreviations, especially if you want an international audience.

12.  Repost from sites like Yahoo Oddly Enough about topics related to your theme.

13.  Add a photo or picture with each post.

14.  Add freebies to your blog ex. buttons, images, blog chalks, imoods, tagboards, guest maps, guestbooks, etc.

15.  Pose questions in your posts to solicit comments from your readers.  Your blog is not a book to be read but a site to provide interaction between writer and reader.  Furthermore, the more comments you have, the more highly your blog is rated. 



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