Thursday 29 November 2012

The Battle of the Bulge

1.  Don't skip meals, especially breakfast, as the practice makes us crave higher calorie foods.

2.  Use smaller plates to control portion sizes.  Today's plates are significantly bigger than those made a generation or two ago.

3.  Count calories and measure portions.

4.  Don't blame your metabolism.

5.  Protein staves off hunger.  Have a few almonds an hour before a meal.

6.  Soup keeps you full longer.  The homemade kind of course is thicker and more satisfying and healthier than the canned variety.

7.  The wider the choice, the more you eat.  That's why buffets are deadly.

8.  Ingesting low fat diary helps us excrete more fat.

9.  Exercise helps us continue to burn fat even when we are sleeping.

10.  Keep moving.  Stay active.  Previous generations walked more often and were thinner.


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