Monday 18 June 2012

A Day at the Splash Pad

The boys and girls ran back and forth through the sprinkling water at the splash pad underneath the giant oak trees.  They stood in line for a chance to be doused with pail after pail of water.  After several turns, they went back to running through the sprinklers, squealing with delight.  As the cirrus clouds slowly made their way across Brantford, the kids made the grade 3 students made their way over to the picnic area for a snack of chips, licorice and drinking pouches.  They laid out their towels and munched on their snacks.  Then it was time for the playground.  They waited for a turn on the swing or a climb on the monkey bars.  Some of them returned to the splash pad for another dousing or sprinkling.  And so it continued for two hours.  The teacher and the volunteers had a chance to chat.  A smiling parent brought us each an iced cappucino.  Not a coffee drinker, I politely accepted the drink which tasted a bit like coffee ice cream.  I appreciated drinking something cold on a hot day.  Before we knew it, the afternoon was over.  The boys and girls headed to the washrooms to change out of their wet bathing suits.  With their hair wet and askew and their plastic bags full, they followed their designated parent to the parking lot to head back to school.  What a great day at the splash pad!

Photo of splash pad courtesy

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