Sunday 7 October 2012

Thanksgiving Quiz

1.  Thanksgiving 1953 saw the invention of:

a.  the microwave
b.  the toaster oven
c.  the TV dinner

2.  Which American President signed a law making Thanksgiving an official holiday?

a.  Washington
b.  Lincoln
c.  Roosevelt

3.  A "turducken" is a:

a.  Turkish prison
b.  Turkish food
c.  turkey stuffed with duck and chicken

4.  While millions of turkeys are slaughtered each year for Thanksgiving dinners, one President started the annual tradition of poultry pardoning.  Who was he?

a.  Truman
b.  Kennedy
c.  Nixon

5.  The Pilgrims intended on fasting to show their gratitude to God for getting them throught that first winter at Plymouth, Massachussetts.  However, the Native Indians had a tradition of dancing and feasting, which inspired the Pilgrims.  Who were they?

a.  Wampanoag
b.  Iroquois
c.  Shawnee

6.  While Thanksgiving is a North American tradition, Westminster Abbey in London, England held a Thanksgiving service in the following year:

a.  1917
b.  1933
c.  1942

7.  While Massachussetts celebrated Thanksgiving since 1621, the holiday was not celebrated by all 13 colonies until:

a.  1650
b.  1700
c.  1777

8.  The United States has three towns named Turkey.  One in Louisiana, one in Texas and one in North Carolina.  The term turkey comes from the word "tuka" which comes from which language?

a.  Greek
b.  Native Indian
c.  Latin

9.  The tradition of breaking the wishbone dates back to:

a.  the pilgrims in 1621
b.  the Americans in 1777
c.  the Etruscans in 322 BC

10.  The Algonquin Indians used the following Thanksgiving food as medicine:

a.  cranberries
b.  squash
c.  pumpkin

1.  c
2.  b
3.  c
4.  a
5.  a
6.  c
7.  c
8.  b
9.  c
10.  a

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