Friday 5 October 2012

One is a Feast for Mouse

After a family of humans had dined on a Thanksgiving dinner, Mouse peeked out of his hidey-hole.  He first discovered a green pea which he carted back to his hole.  But upon his next visit to the table, he found a red cranberry.  Later he scooped up leftover mashed potatoes and roast turkey, a carrot stick, an olive and gravy, carting these leftovers back to his hole.  He was on his way back to his hidey-hole, when he was interrupted by another non-human -- the cat!  "Down crashed the pumpkin pie...the potatoes, the carrot stick, the olive, the cranberry and the pea."  The mouse scurried back to his hole and the cat ran out the door chased by his mistress' broomstick.  Mouse thought he would starve but then discovered "one teensy-tiny, round and toothsome, green and luscious pea."  Inside the cuckoo clock, sitting on a die, and resting his pea on a spool of thread for a table, he carved the pea for his dinner.  "One is a feast for mouse."

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