Tuesday 2 October 2012

Curiosity Killed the Cat

We had high drama tonight at our house.  The basement was stinky from the litter box which needed cleaning.  So I opened the back windows to let the fresh air in.  Our cat Midnight climbed up on the windowsill to look outside as she often does.  However, this time she also climbed up on the second window sill.  I didn't realize that the screen was ripped and before I knew it she was outside.  Then Jacqueline was climbing out the window to go after her.  I called for Thomas and the two of us ran outside into the backyard to retrieve her.  However, in the short time that it took us to get out there, she had already climbed up on the fence.  The two dogs next door, a German sheperd/husky mix and a pug, had already killed two groundhogs last year.  They went after Midnight who scaled up the side of our house to get away from them, but not before they took a chunk out of her tail.  Our neighbour grabbed the dogs and stuffed them in his house.  We arrived in time to see Midnight, her back completely arched, her tail missing a chunk of fur and her eye, bloody.  I was afraid to look to see what the damage was.  I gently picked her up and felt right away that her heart was pumping to beat the band.  Her eyes were open, but the left one was bloody around the edge.  And she had a little white thing sticking out of her mouth (maybe a bird's feather).  While Midnight was traumatized by the dogs, Jacqueline was traumatized by seeing her katze injured.  We took her inside and she walked gingerly around, and slowly laid down.  Her left eye started to ooze blood and she closed her eyes, shaking her head back and forth.  Jacqueline asked:  "Is Midnight going to die?"  Although I was pretty sure she was okay, I didn't want to take any chances so I phoned the vet and they were willing to take her right away.  So, into the cage went Midnight, reluctantly albeit.  I drove across town to the vet.  He examined her tail which seemed fine other than the missing chunk of fur.  Then he cleaned and examined her eye.  I felt like I had a third child as I waited anxiously to see if she was okay.  Thankfully, her retina was not scratched; it appeared like the bleeding was due to her trauma, something Thomas had diagnosed back at the house.  The doctor gave him an antibiotic shot and an anti-inflammatory shot.  On the drive home, Midnight seemed a lot calmer.  Rob had been filled in by the neighbour about the night's drama.  Jacqueline had a smile on her face, knowing that Midnight was going to be just fine (her big brother Thomas cuddled with her to calm her down while I was at the vet).  Jacqueline had laid out some fresh wet food for the cat which she proceeded to finish off, always a good sign.  All is well again in the Jonasson household. 



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