Tuesday 7 March 2017

Titanic by Numbers

The White Star Line wanted a luxury liner to compete with the Cunard Line's Lusitania and Mauretania.  Not to be outdone, it built three ships:  Olympia, Britannia and Titanic.  Here are some facts about the most famous of three:

1.  26 months:  the length of time it took the Belfast workers to build the Titanic

2.  228 feet:  the height of the gantry built over the Titanic, the world's highest at the time

3.  14,000:  the number of workers employed to build the Titanic at Harland & Wolff Shipyard in Belfast, Ireland

4.  246:  the number of injuries during construction

5.  8:  the number of deaths during construction

6.  15:  the number of predicted deaths based on the ratio of 1 death for every 100,000 pounds spent

7.  200:  the number of rivets completed by a four man crew each day

8.  20:  the number of horses to pull the main anchor

9.  49:  the average workweek for shipbuilder

10.  2:  the number of pounds for weekly wage

11.  6:  the number of days shipbuilders worked (they quit early on Saturday and had Sunday off for church)

12.  $166,000,000:  the price tag for Titanic in today's dollars (it's still cheaper than the price tage for the 1997 movie Titanic which cost $200,000)

13.  3,000,000:  the number of rivets used to construct a metal & iron hull

14.  401:  the yard number given to the Titanic when her keel was laid down

15.  3,000:  the approximate number of men who built the Titanic (20% of the workforce)

Titanic under construction.

The Titanic under construction courtesy http://www.titanicfacts.net/building-the-titanic.html.

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