Thursday, 6 November 2014

Lend Lease

Here are ten facts about Lend Lease program, an American aid program which helped the Allies.

1.  The Lend Lease Act was passed in March of 1941.

2.  The program helped the U.S. transfer war materiel to a beleaguered Britain during World War II.

3.  Industrial machinery, raw materials, fuels and food products as well as transportation were the main components of Lend Lease.

4.  In 1943-1944, about a fourth of British munitions came through the Lend Lease program.

5.  After World War II, large amounts of Lend Lease materials were sold to Britain at ten cents on the dollar to be paid off over 60 years at 2% interest.

6.  The last British payment on Lend Lease materials was on December 29, 2006.

7.  Lend Lease supplies were transported by American ships with British military escorts.  It was the greatest and most dangerous sea lift in history.

8.  Lend Lease brought the United States that much closer to entry into the Second World War.

9.  The Neutrality Act of 1939 banned European belligerents from purchasing American supplies.  Lend Lease was a way of getting around this Act.

10.  While most of the aid went to Great Britain, some was extended to the Soviet Union as well.

Franklin Roosevelt at desk, signing Lend-Lease Act (AP Images)

FDR signs Lend Lease Act courtesy


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