Monday 24 November 2014

Getting a Book Published Through a Sponsor

When My Dad published his book, Meet Me at the Lakeview Casino ( he did so with money given to him by the Women's Institute of Grand Bend.  They were interested in promoting local history and they had just received a generous donation from an elderly resident named Mrs. McElroy.  My Dad wrote a letter to the Institute president who put it to a vote.  The committee voted in favour of the book, with about a three quarter majority.  Published in 1999, the book sold enough copies in the first two years for the Women's Institute to recoup their initial donation.

I'm thinking maybe this is the route I should pursue for my books.  I looked up Ontario Historical Societies and found a list of almost 400.  My chapter book I'm Just Daisy, based on the life of my British Home Child great-grandma, would be perfect for a British Historical Society.  My chapter book On Prussian Plains, based on my mother-in-law's family, would be suitable for a German Historical Society or cultural club like the Germania Club in Hamilton.  After all, the Germania Club is where Rob's mom met his dad.  It's also where they celebrated their wedding reception and 25th anniversary.

It's time to write letters and make contacts.  Wish me luck!

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