Monday 17 November 2014

A Moving Box, a Dumpster & an Automobile

For twenty years we had a little old lady living across the street.  She kept to herself, cut her grass, pruned her trees, tended to her flowers, and kept her house in tiptop shape.  She passed away and new neighbours moved in last year.  What a switch!  The Christmas season has arrived and most people decorate with a string of lights or a reindeer in the middle of the lawn.  Not the new neighbours -- they have a different style.

First they hauled in a gigantic Moving Box to fill half of their shared driveway.  We thought:  It's probably temporary.  But that wasn't all.  Next, they moved in a dumpster.  I was thrilled at Halloween when a truck came to haul the full dumpster away.  But no, he replaced the green dumpster with a red one. But that wasn't  all.  Next, they moved in an automobile which straddles the sidewalk.  What ever happened to the bylaw that you had to have your sidewalks cleared within 24 hours of a snowfall?  How about a car?

If this isn't in violation of a bylaw, it's got to be in violation of a fire law.  There is no more than a foot between the Moving Box and the house.  The front door is at the side of the house.  How do the neighbours get in and out of their house?  Firefighters, with all their gear, would never be able to get in and out of there.

And what about the neighbours?  The elderly lady next door, who shares the driveway, has battled cancer.  Her husband passed away from cancer about five years ago.  We only see her when she goes to church on Sunday or when she lets her little poodle outside for some fresh air.  When she opens her front door, what a beautiful view she has!

What ever happened to common courtesy, to consideration for others?  A little consideration goes a long way.

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