Tuesday 5 November 2013

Brantford: City of God

Our old neighbours down the street used to have a sign in their window that read "BRANTFORD:  CITY OF GOD".  They sold their house to our associate pastor a few years ago.  Last Sunday, our minister told us about One Church, an organization of evangelical Christian churches in town, and their plan to pray for every street in Brantford this year.  He showed a DVD featuring our mayor Chris Friel, promoting the idea.  My husband Rob already signed us up to pray for Branlyn Crescent.  Therefore, our pastor will take another street.  How exciting that our city will be part of such an important project!  

Last Spring, a fellow member of my prayer group and I did a prayer walk on our friend's street.  She had had a new next door neighbour who was wreaking havoc in the neighbourhood.  She was phoning the police or Children's Aid on just about everybody.  And she phoned the bus company to complain about my friend's bus which she parked in her driveway.  The very day after we prayed for our friend, her neighbour announced she was moving!

Not that I will be praying for everyone to move away, but I will pray for peace to reign on our street and on every street in Brantford.  If more people resorted to prayer rather than fighting or whining and complaining, we would be a lot better off.  May Brantford truly be the City of God!


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