Thursday 21 November 2013

John F. Kennedy

Here are ten things you may not know about John F. Kennedy.

1.  His father, Joseph Kennedy, invested heavily in the stock market.  At the time of John F. Kennedy's death, his fortune was probably worth $1 billion.

2.  Joseph Kennedy escaped a Wall Street bombing in 1920 which killed 38 bystanders.

3.  John F. Kennedy was the only President to win a Purple Heart (in World War II).

4.  Although JFK was a young president, Teddy Roosevelt, at 42 years old, was even months younger was he was elected.

5.  JFK was an experienced politician when he was elected President, serving three times in Congress and twice in the Senate.

6.  Kennedy mused openly about dropping Lyndon B. Johnson on the ticket for reelection in 1964.

7.  JFK recorded conversations in the White House, likely for memoirs he planned on writing later on.  However, he did not start the practice.  It was Franklin D. Roosevelt.

8.  JFK was administered the last rites by a priest twice.  Firstly, he almost died in 1948 when he was diagnosed with Addison's Disease.  Secondly, he almost died when he developped an infection after back surgery in 1954.

9.  JFK's PT-190 boat was sunk by a Japanese ship during World War II, but he and his crew survived.

10.  John and Jacqueline Kennedy lost a son, Patrick, while in the White House who lived only two days in August 1963.

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