Saturday 16 November 2013

Yellowstone: The World's Oldest National Park

Here are ten facts you may not know about Yellowstone, the world's first national park.

1.  Yellowstone National Park is bigger than both Rhode Island and Delaware combined (3472 square miles).

2.  Yellowstone spans three states (96% is in Wyoming; 3% is in Montana; 1% is in Idaho).

3.  Yellowstone's highest point is found at Eagle Peak (11,358 feet) while its lowest point is found at Reese Creek (5282 feet).

4.  Yellowstone Park is composed of 5% water, 15% grasslands and 80% forest.

5.  Eighty percent of the forest is composed of lodgepole pines.

6.  Sixty seven species of animals live in Yellowstone National Park.

7.  More than 300 geysers exist at the park.

8.  The record high temperature of 99 degrees Fahrenheit was recorded in 2002 at Mammoth.  The record low temperature of -66 degrees Fahrenheit was recorded in 1933 at Riverside Station.

9.  Much of the park's water is found in Yellowstone Lake which is 140 feet deep.  Water can also be found at the Lower Falls which is 308 feet high.

10.  Nine hundred historic buildings can be found at Yellowstone National Park, some of which have been depicted in 90,000 photographs taken on site.

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