Wednesday 27 November 2013

Train Downs Nazi Plane

Lydd Station circa 1968 courtesy

It was the middle of the Second World War.  While the London Blitz was over, Germany was still bombing England.  Although big cities were the main targets, towns were not exempt from attacks.  On this day in 1942, two Nazi planes had just bombed Ashford, England and were headed home to Germany.  A passenger train was pulling out of the station in Lydd, Kent, a market town on the English Channel.  The two planes, German Focke Wulf 190's, spotted the train and started to fire.  One of the shots hit the train's boiler sending a powerful jet of steam 20 feet into the air.  One of the pilots crashed landed and died.  However, no one was hurt on the train which was repaired and returned to service by March of 1943.

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