Friday 15 November 2013

Toddler under the Christmas Tree

Every year, Rob puts on a Christmas CD ("A Christmas Gift for You"), lugs the Christmas tree box and decorations upstairs, and sets up the tree.  At first, it was a lonely job:  for six years, he did it on his own. Then Thomas came into our life.  That first Christmas, my Mom placed baby Thomas under her tree and snapped a photo.  The following year, as Thomas toddled about, he would steal Tigger off the tree.  Five Christmases later, Jacqueline joined the celebration.  At about 2 or 3 years old, she stole every candy cane off the tree and ate each one behind the chair.  Now, it's our cat's turn to steal things off the Christmas tree. Tonight, Rob and the kids put up the tree.  It looked perfect, every ornament in place.  Within minutes, however, Midnight had destroyed all of their handiwork.  Thirty balls lay under the tree!  First, Rob brought up the spray bottle and we squirted her.  But she went right back to the tree within minutes.  Then Thomas brought up the giant water gun.  She ran for the hills, but she still returned.  Tonight we'll be locking her in the room downstairs, far from the tree.  I guess it just wouldn't be Christmas without a baby to tamper with the tree!

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