Monday 18 November 2013

Mickey Mouse Mania

Here are ten facts you may not know about Mickey Mouse.

1.  Mickey Mouse made his sound film debut in "Steamboat Willie" on this day in 1928.

2.  Walt Disney did the voice of Mickey Mouse in the early years.

3.  The first merchandise for Mickey Mouse was a school tablet which appeared in 1929.

4.  Walt Disney received an Academy Award for Mickey Mouse in 1932.

5.  The first Mickey Mouse comic strip, sketched by Ub Iwerks, debuted in 1930.

6.  The first two Mickey Mouse films, which had no sound, cost only $2500.

7.  Mickey Mouse first appeared in the Encyclopedia Britannica in 1934.

8.  Walt Disney received a League of Nations Medal for his creation of Mickey Mouse, considered to represent "universal good will".

9.  The Mickey Mouse TV show debuted in 1950.

10.  Mickey Mouse has appeared in 120 films, from Steamboat Willie to Runaway Brain.

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