Saturday 12 January 2013

Stuffie School

Stuffie school is in session.  Miss Jonasson lines up her stuffies on the carpet in her bedroom in neat rows.  She proceeds to give them a geography lesson using her globe, spinning it and then stopping it with her little index finger.  She asks questions and keeps a record of who participates on her student list.  Then she opens a picture book to read, making sure that all of her stuffies are attentive.  Most of her students listen, but on the rare occasion she has to send one to the corner, usually Junior Asparagus (from Veggietales).  Then Miss Jonasson opens her math textbook and gives the stuffies a lesson in multiplication.  Everyone gets a little lined piece of paper from the teacher's notebook to make their calculations on.  Now it's time to break for lunch.  Then all the stuffies must go down for a nap.  It's been another productive morning at stuffie school.

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