Sunday 27 January 2013

Jacqueline's Skating Session

Today I took Jacqueline and her friend Joanna skating at the St. George Arena.  Jacqueline has been skating with her school every year since Grade 1.  Last week she went with her Grade 4 class.  However, other than that, she has rarely been on the ice.  So, I decided this was the winter she would learn how.  I investigated signing her up for basic skating lessons, but we missed the deadline.  So, I am going to take her to the public skate every week for at least two months.

I helped Jacqueline lace her white skates while Joanna laced her own.  This week, when Jacqueline stepped out on the ice, she was hugging the wall like she usually does.  However, within about 15 minutes she was holding herself up, gliding with her right foot and propelling herself forward with her right.  Joanna waited patiently and helped her up when she fell (which wasn't very often).  Within half an hour, Joanna was leading Jacqueline out on to the middle of the ice; Jacqueline made it across the rink without falling.  As she passed by the window, she gave me a big smile, proud of herself that she was actually skating.  In one short hour, Jacqueline had come a long way.  I look forward to next week!

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