Monday 7 January 2013

False Advertising

My husband and I just bought a dishwasher for Christmas.  We were pleased that we got the model that matches our fridge and stove and at the same time it was on sale for $100 off.  However, we didn't get the full story.  First, you have to add $129.99 for the warranty.  Next, you add the tax.  Then you add $40 for delivery.  We chose to bring it home ourselves in the van to save the latter fee.  Lastly, you add a $20 haul away fee.  Once the workman arrived at our house a few days later to install the dishwasher, we found more unexpected costs.  The workman installed the dishwasher, but charged us $30 for a special hose (eventhough we already had a dishwasher installed).  Then the workman left the dishwasher right beside our front porch claiming that it was the store's, not his job, to haul it away.  I asked Thomas to help me move it to the back porch, not thinking that it would go well with our Christmas decorations.  So, I got on the phone with the store, and the woman I spoke to was sure that it was the workman's job to take the dishwasher away.  Ideas were starting to spin in my mind:  I had visions of delivering a late Christmas present to the store and leaving it on their front porch.  This morning I got a call from the woman at the store saying that she had contacted someone in installation who would contact the workman.  Later, I got a call from the workman saying that he would send his man to come and pick up the dishwasher.  Finally, when I arrived home from picking the kids up from school, it was gone.

In the meantime, I phoned the bookstore to see if I could order a couple of books.  The woman on the phone claimed that they don't take orders over the phone and haven't for years.  I said I had made many orders over the phone, including within the past year.  I felt like asking her why she was refusing my business.  No wonder bookstores are struggling!  She said it was impossible and directed me to go online where, if I placed an order for $25 or more, I would get free shipping.  So, I followed her directions and went online, placed an order for $29, continued to the checkout, and found out that I was still being charged a shipping fee of $11.99!  So, I exited before I placed my order.  Then I visited an American bookstore online, thinking that American books are priced lower than Canadian ones.  Once again,  the site claimed that if I placed an order of $25 or more, I would not be charged shipping.  I chose the same two books, but I was 89 cents short.  So I chose a third book and the total came to $37.  Once again, when I reached the checkout, I was charged a $9.99 shipping fee!  I exited once again.

I still don't have my books but at least my dishwasher's gone!

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