Monday 14 January 2013

Manuscript Musings

I finally submitted my manuscript "I'm Just a Home Child" on New Year's Eve.  It was almost two and a half years in the making.  Of course I worked on it in fits and starts.  Then in recent weeks I really put my nose to the grindstone.

Now that I've mailed my manuscript, it's a waiting game.  Every time I check my e-mail I wonder if it will be a response from the editor.  It's an exciting feeling knowing that my book is finally complete, knowing that an editor could be reading it at any time (hidden somewhere in her mile-high slush pile).

Even so, I miss my manuscript and feel a little lost without it.  Now the question is:  What do I do next?  Do I take a break from writing picture books?  Or do I launch into a new one?  I do have a couple of ideas in mind.  I would think Picture Book #2 would be a little bit easier than #1 now that I have some experience under my belt.

However, I don't want to lose focus on "I'm Just a Home Child".  If all goes as planned, I'll receive an acceptance letter in my Inbox in the next few months.  However, if I receive a rejection letter, I have to see it as part of the writing process, something other writers get on a regular basis.  Then I have to get right back on the horse and submit the manuscript to the next publisher.

Regardless, I feel content knowing that I completed the manuscript.  Now I can relax knowing that my job is done.  And that is least for now.

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