Tuesday 8 January 2013

Penny Pinching Pointers

After the excessive spending of Christmas, here are ten websites to help you save money.

1.  www.wisebread.com (scrimpers give advice)

2.  frugalliving.about.com (living on a budget)

3.  www.pennypinchingdiva.com (downloadable daily planner & coupon binder)

4.  www.pincihingyourpennies.com (blog advertising sales, coupons, resources)

5.  canadianbudgetbinder.com (a Canadian couple on a journey using a budget)\

6.  www.youth.gc.ca/eng/topics/money/habits (wise spending habits for youth)

7.  www.saskenergy.com/saving_energy/tips (saving energy in the home)

8.  www.mommysavers.com (entertainment & leisure money saving tips)

9.  www.contiki.com/contiki/articles/tips-on-saving-for-a-trip (how to set goals to save for a trip)

10.  www.givemebackmyfivebucks.com/2012/07/31/saving-money-when-shopping-online (buyer beware tips for ordering online)

For more ideas about saving money, read my post from Jan. 7, 2012 called "Pinching Pennies".

Image courtesy farm7.staticflickr.com.

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