Tuesday 29 January 2013


As I was driving my son Thomas to his friend's house today, the rain pelted down, forming lakes on the stubbled cornfields.  Clouds encircled us:  it looked like a scene from a painting.  When I got home I googled "Famous Paintings with Clouds".  It turns out that paintings with clouds, called "cloudscapes" are an artform unto themselves.  Here are cloudscapes painted by famous artists.

1.  "Weymouth Bay", John Constable, 1816

2.  "Sunset over the Ice Above Lake Ontario", Frederic Church, 1883

3.  "Sunrise in the Sierras", Albert Bierstadt, 1872

4.  Landscape Under a Stormy Sky, Vincent Van Gogh, 1888

5.  Ram's Head, Georgia O'Keefe, 1935

6.  Romantic Landscape with Ruined Tower, Thomas Cole, 1832-1836.

7.  River View in the Winter, Art van der Neer, 1854

8.  Clouds, Lake Superior, Lawren Harris, 1923

9.  View of the Lagoon near Venice, Richard Parks Bonington, 1827.

10.  The Thames at Charing Cross, Claude Monet, 1900

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