Friday 31 October 2014

Pippi, A Witch and a Butterfly

Jacqueline invited two school friends over tonight.  Rob picked them all up at school.  I had the table set when they arrived with Halloween plates and cups.  They munched on white cheddar chipotle popcorn and drank lemonade, chatting all the while.  You could just feel the excitement;  this is Ashley's first Halloween since she is from Korea, and Joanna's second Halloween since she lives out in the country.

We ate sloppy Joe's and salad for supper.  Then the girls put on their costumes.  Jacqueline's butterfly was easy to put on:  a pink and black dress with wings.  Ashley's witch costume was simply a dress and a black hat.  Joanna's, however, was a little bit more difficult:  she brought jeans, a checkered shirt and a wire hangar which she held behind her head while Ashley braided her hair around it.  She was Pippi Longstocking.  Rob reminded me about how he wrote a short story in Grade 4 called "Pippi Longstocking Fights the Germans".  I asked who won the fight and Rob said Pippi.  I didn't realize she had supernatural strength.

So, Pippi, the witch and the butterfly headed out to trick or treat with Rob.  I stayed home and handed out candy.  Normally I buy two big boxes of chocolate bars because we have close to 200 kids.  But the past few years, the numbers have waned.  so this year I only bought one big box and I still had bars left over.  Likely the rain held some people back.  It was nice to see some unique costumes.  The prize for creativity went to Eddy Munster.  I didn't think kids knew who he was anymore.

An hour or so later, the girls returned, their bags loaded down with treats.  They emptied the contents on the living room floor, their faces lit up in anticipation.  Then they proceeded to trade certain items. It was exciting to see Jacqueline's friends soak it all in.  After all, what is old hat for Jacqueline is not for her friends.  Just after 8 o'clock, I closed the front door, shut off the light and called it a night. The three girls changed out of their costumes.  Rob headed to the gym.  And I headed downstairs to the computer.  Happy Halloween!

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