Sunday 12 October 2014

Thanksgiving Blessings

Thanksgiving Sunday dawned sunny and warm, not a cloud in the sky, not a whisper of wind in the air.  Rob, Thomas, Jacqueline and I piled into the van to go to church.  Rob and Thomas sat in the sanctuary for the service while Jacqueline and I taught Sunday school.  We met our class of Senior Kindergarten students for the first time.  Their cute faces, their Sunday dresses, their legs dangling from the chairs, were a welcome sight.  Jacqueline was thrilled that her reading buddy from school was in the class.  So was her reading buddy!  We sang "The B-I-B-L-E" a song that I learned in Sunday School 40 years ago.  I read a story about Adam, Eve and the Garden of Eden.  Jacqueline drew a picture of a pink and green snake on the board, much appreciated by a teacher lacking artistic talent.  The kids stared at it with wide eyes.  Afterwards, Jacqueline collected the books, Rob stacked the chairs and we rushed home to prepare the Thanksgiving dinner.

Jacqueline set the dining room table with my Royal Doulton china plates, most of which were wedding gifts.  She placed a Thanksgiving serviette on each plate.  I set out the crystal glasses, also wedding gifts, above each plate.  To complement the chrysanthemum flowers in a black vase which served as a centerpiece, Jacqueline added two cinnamon candles.

I stuffed the Butterball turkey and placed it in my new roasting pan.  The old one was really meant for a roast, not a turkey.  I put the sour cream mashed potato casserole in the microwave to warm up. Julie tossed her Seven Layer Salad, always a hit in our family.  I unthawed Laurie's turnip and carrots along with her homemade turkey gravy.

As the turkey roasted to a golden brown, its smell wafting through the house, I thought I could escape from the kitchen for a few minutes.  I went outside in the backyard to watch Rob and Bill play soccer with Thomas and Jacqueline.  I soaked in the sun which bathed the patio in warmth.  Once again, we were enjoying an Indian summer for Thanksgiving.  My reverie was interrupted by sudden shouts from Rob who had scored or missed a shot.

Inside the house, my nephews Bo and Mason played with the 40 year old Fischer Price toys.  Bo chose everyone's favourite, the castle, dropping the men down the trap door.  The adults sat upstairs in the living room chatting.

Finally, we sat down to eat the Thanksgiving feast.  We said a prayer, each thanking God for one of our blessings.  Just when we thought we couldn't eat another bite, I brought out the apple pie and pumpkin pie dessert topped off with spoonfuls of whipped cream.  The food was tasty, the company pleasant, the weather gorgeous.  May the peace of Thanksgiving be in everyone's heart today and always!

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