Sunday 18 December 2016

The Bishop's Wife

"I was praying for a cathedral." (Henry)
 "No, Henry you were praying for guidance." (Dudley)

Dudley decorates the Christmas tree courtesy

The Bishop's Wife, based on a novel of the same name published in 1928, debuted in 1947 in New York City.  Bishop Henry Brougham, played  by David Niven, is troubled about coming up with the funds for his new cathedral.  Praying for divine guidance, God sends him an angel, Dudley, played by Cary Grant.  Dudley tries to drum up financial support for the church, all the while convincing a woman to donate money to the poor and even typing one of the bishop's sermons.  The angel, sensing that the bishop's wife and young daughter have been neglected while he concerns himself with the new cathedral, steps in.  Unexpectedly, Dudley finds himself falling in love with the wife, Julia, played by Loretta Young.  Dudley realizes he must take a step back and retreats, observing the bishop delivering the Christmas Eve sermon he had typed on the typewriter.  Even though the cathedral hasn't been built, the marriage has been restored.  His work is complete.

Cary Grant in New York City courtesy

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