Tuesday 13 December 2016

Penguins of Madagascar Christmas Special

The Penguins of Madagascar Christmas Special, which takes place in the Big Apple, brings back sweet memories for me.  It was the inspiration for me to start saving Airmiles to send my brother and his wife to New York City for their wedding anniversary.  I called it "Operation Anniversary".  They loved the trip so much that my husband and I went for our anniversary a few years later.

The Penguins of Madagascar are on a mission:  one of their kind has disappeared in New York City and the remaining three must find him.  They venture out into the streets of the Big Apple where they come upon a crotchety old lady who is looking for a stuffie for her dog, Mr. Chew.  She purchases the lost penguin, squeezes him to see if he makes a squeak.  The Penguins follow the old lady home to her apartment building where they gain entrance by posing as a snowman.  They follow the lady to her apartment, which is beautifully decorated for Christmas.  It is there that the lost penguin is being held hostage by Mr. Chew.  One of the penguins says:  "Commence Operation Stocking Stuffer" and the trio proceeds to outsmart the vicious dog, who ends up stuffed in the stocking.  The four penguins escape through the door after planting a bomb.  The old lady declares:  "This is all your fault, Mr. Chew!  You are on a big time out!"


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