Thursday 29 December 2016

I'll Be Seeing You

I'll Be Seeing You, based on Double Furlough by Charles Martin, premiered in 1944.  Prison inmate Mary Marshall, played by Ginger Rogers, meets shelled-shocked sergeant Zachary Morgan (Joseph Cotten) on a train headed for Pinehill.  The two immediately are drawn to each other.  Mary invites Zach for Christmas dinner at her aunt and uncle's house.  Later, the two go to the movie theatre and watch a World War II film.  Zach goes mute, however, when Mary questions him about his experiences in the war.

The next day, Zach invites Mary to the lake where he opens up about his shell shock.  Mary ponders telling him about her time in prison. but her Aunt Sarah advises against it.  Mary's boss had invited her to a party one night.  When she arrived she discovered she was the only guest.  Her boss made unwanted advances, she pushed him away and he accidentally fell out an open window.  Mary was charged with manslaughter.

In the meantime, Mary's cousin Barbara unwittingly divulges the former's prison sentence.  When Zach leaves town, he is distant with Mary.  However, when she returns to the prison, he is waiting there and declares his love for her.

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