Monday 26 December 2016

The Man Who Came to Dinner

Premiering in 1942, The Man Who Came to Dinner stars Monty Woolley as outspoken radio personality, Sheridan Whiteside, who slips on the icy steps of a prominent Ohio family and requests that he recuperate in their home over the Christmas holidays.  Mr. Whiteside insinuates himself into the lives of the residents of the Ohio home.  He encourages young adults Richard and June to pursue their dreams, contrary to what their father has suggested.

Meanwhile, Mr. Whiteside's spinster assistant Maggie, played by Bette Davis, finds herself attracted to local newspaperman Bert Jefferson (Richard Travis).  Maggie announces she is going to marry Bert, but Mr. Whiteside realizes he can't lose her, and thus tries sabotaging the relationship.  Mr. Whiteside exaggerates the extent of his injury in order to remain longer at the Ohio home.  He suggests that Lorraine Sheldon would be a perfect co-star in a play hoping she will steal Bert Jefferson away from Maggie.  

Ann Sheridan as Lorraine in The Man Who Came to Dinner courtesy

Maggie, catching on to the conniving Mr. Whiteside, quits her job.  Mr. Whiteside tries to get Lorraine out of the picture by trapping her in an Egyptian sarcophagus and shipping her off to Nova Scotia.  Finally, the Ohio homeowner, realizing Mr. Whiteside is faking his injuries, orders him to leave.  But as he walks down the steps, he slips again on the ice and goes back into the house to convalesce.

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