Saturday 28 February 2015

Where Do You Go From Here?

Today is the last day of the month and I'm finishing up my series on blogging.  I have learned a lot by doing this series.  I feel like I have breathed new life into my blog.  I've maintained a successful blog for almost four years.  Where do I go from here?

Why not use my blog as a launching pad for a book, an e-book or a podcast?

How Do You Blog a Book?

Many writers have turned their blogs into books.  I've already mentioned Julie Powell who blogged about cooking the recipes in Julia child's cookbook which launched the book 524 Recipes, 365 Days and One Tiny Apartment Kitchen.  An astounding 42,000 copies of the book sold just in one week after the movie Julie & Julia debuted.

A lesser known example is that of a travel blogger Cain9ine's New York ( who turned his blog into a successful book.  His book includes a plethora of breathtaking photos of landmarks liek Notre Dame Basicilica in Montreal and the sand dunes in the Arizona desert.  On his road trip, he samples local fare, including photos in his book.  His titles are catchy:  "The way of the Mouse" about his trip to Disney World; "Happy Fourth of July" in Washington D.C. and "Where Everybody Knows Your Name" in Boston.

Another example of a blog turned book is (  Each day, the reader learns a new French word or phrase, accompanied by a story and photos ex. Le Chien Perdu, Le Papillon or Mener a la Baguette.

How About an E-Book?

According to one writer, as of November 2013, Amazon started selling more E-books than print books on its website.  Check out the website "3 Easy Ways to Convert Your Blog into an E-book" at  Another website promises "How to (Really) Make 1, 000, 000 selling E-Books" at  You can also check out the book Publishing E-Books for Dummies by Ali Luke at

How About a Podcast?

How do you turn a blog into a podcast?  Visit the site  According to, here are two of the Best of 2014 podcasts.  Check out "The Tim Ferriss Show" the number one business podcast on iTunes.  Another successful podcast is "Atomic Moms", a parenting podcast.

That's all I have to say about blogging.  Thank you for sharing this journey with me.  I've enjoyed blogging about blogging.  I'll meet you in the blogosphere.


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