Sunday 1 February 2015

Blogging: Choosing a Niche

You have decided that you want to enter the blogosphere.  You have come to the right place.  I am devoting the month of February to blogging.

The first question you have to answer is:  "What would I like my blog to be about?"  Here were some popular blog topics for 2014.

1.  parenting:  Mommy blogs are all the rage on the Internet.  Check out my friend's blog Three Kids (A Husband) and a Teabag at

2.  hobbies:  Maybe you collect hockey cards like my husband.  Maybe you are a knitting expert.  Join a network of people who share your hobby.  Check out

3.  technology:  Learn about the latest and greatest in the field of technology.  Check out

4.  politics:  Engage in intense debate.  Be prepared to answer questions.  Grow your readership quickly.  Check out Ordinary Times:  On Culture & Politics at

5.  news:  Share new ideas or put a new spin on an old idea.  Check out

6.  journaling:  Declare your hopes and dreams to the world.  Share reflections on life which resonate with readers.  Check out

7.  deals/frugal living:  Maybe you are a coupon queen.  Perhaps you have tricks to stretch your budget.  Check out

8.  DIY & design:  Bring your creative skills to the Internet so that others can be inspired.  Check out House Tweaking at

9.  fitness:  Help readers get fit.  Check out

10.  food:  This theme is so popular that it has its own book Food Blogging for Dummies.  Check out Top with Cinnamon at

11.  history:  Check sites like for inspiration.  Check out Civil Warriors at

12.  fashion:  Maybe you are a fashion design student at college.  What a great forum a blog could be for your ideas!  Check out Brooklyn Blonde at

13.  travel:  If you are a frequent traveller, blog about your trips.  Check out The Traveling Type at

14.  books:  A strong reader makes a strong writer.  Post book reviews.  Check out The Book Wheel at

15.  marriage:  My writer friend shares her ideas about marriage at

16.  photography:  My Grandad Stroud was an amateur photographer who even won contests for some of his photos including one of my doe-eyed sister Lisa as a baby and one of a close up of a blue jay.  What better way to share your prize photos than through blogging?  Check out

17,  antiques:  Maybe you're addicted to the Antiques Road Show.  Check out

18.  gardening:  My Grandad Tufts, a teacher, used to spend his summers gardening; in fact, his backyard was simply one big garden.  Check out voted one of the top ten gardening blogs by Better Homes & Gardens.

19.  sports:  If you like football, check out

20.  music:  If you like country music check out

Note:  For more tips, check out "All of the Good Ideas are Already Taken:  Tips to Help You Pick a Niche" at

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