Wednesday 18 February 2015

Social Bookmarking Boosts Blog Traffic

"A social bookmarking service is a centralized online service which enables users to add, annotate, edit and share bookmarks of web documents." 

According to Christina Garcia, there are five reasons that bloggers should engage in social bookmarking:

Global Accessibility:  You are given access to the bookmarks, regardless of what technical device that you use ex. computer, cell phone, etc.

Profitability:  Social bookmarking increases your popularity.  If you have a monetization program like Google Adsense, this leads to increased revenue.

Web Presence:  Categorized bookmarking means the bookmarking service organizes and archives your favourite links.  You may do this by tagging bookmarks with keywords.  You will increase your web presence at the list of your favourite bookmarks and promote your brand (for more details, see at a collection of bookmarks with similar interests.  

Share Inspirational Information:  A social bookmarking service enables you to share inspirational information with your family, friends, co-workers or followers ex. updates, tips, safety concerns, book reviews or amazing recipes.

Higher Page Ranking:  Your website or blog will be found faster by search engines if you make use of social bookmarking.

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are obvious social bookmarking sites.  Here are 15 others:

1.  Delicious at allows you to discover, share and organize the hottest links online.

2.  Folkd at enables you to share links with family, friends and followers.  

3.  Diigo (Digest of Internet Information) at is a multitool for knowledge management.

4.  Reddit at calls itself "The Front Page of the Internet", providing entertainment and news online.

5.  MyHQ at allows you to share bookmarks in a banner free environment.

6.  StumbleUpon at is "A Giant Collection of the Best Pages of the Internet".

7.  Linkagogo at dynamically bookmarks websites for you to share with family, friends and followers.

8.  Mister Wong at has over one million users.  The services saves and manages your favourite websites.

9.  Yelp at is the best way to find local businesses.  Read opinions, search photos, instant chat and locate local hotspots.

10.  Google Bookmarks at is a free service to create and share your favourite bookmarks.

11.  Tumblr at allows you to grow your blog audience by connecting with other blogs.  You may post text, photos, videos, quotes and questions.

12.  Blogger at allows you to create a blog, grow your audience, earn money and share posts.

13.  Wordpress at lets you build and maintain a website or blog.  It has evolved into a full content management system with thousands of plugins, widgets and themes.

14.  Storify at allows you to create stories and timelines fast and easily; it is interactive with social media like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  

15.  Instagram at is a fun and easy way to share life with family and friends through a series of  pictures.  

Happy Social Bookmarking!


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