Friday 7 February 2014

The Russian Riviera

Today marks the official opening of the Winter Olympics.  Here are ten facts about host city of Sochi, Russia.

1.  Sochi is nicknamed the "Russian Riviera".

2.  Sochi is located at the same latitude as Toronto, Ontario and Nice, France and the Gobi desert.

3.  Sochi is nestled between the Black Sea and the Caucasian Mountains, acting as a moderating effect on the climate.  It is the most northern subtropical climate on earth.

4.  Mount Elbrus, at 5,642 metres, is the highest peak in Europe.

5.  Sochi has on average 200 sunny days per year.  Residents can swim from April to October and ski from October to April.

6.  Sochi's population sits at 400,000.

7.  Sochi has 200,000 hectares of forest.

8.  The Sochi Tennis School boasts famous graduates like Maria Sharapova and Yevgeny Kafelnikov.

9.  The Russian city has the largest salt water aquarium in the world which is home to 4,000 species of fish.

10.  There is no large industry in Sochi making its air quality excellent.


P.S.  My husband's cousin, Peter Jonasson, is working as a cameraman at the Olympics.  He shared a photo of his brand new hotel.  To quote Peter, "I expect to see Julie Andrews singing any second."

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