Sunday 9 February 2014

Sisters, Sisters

"Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters." 
(Irving Berlin's song featured in "White Christmas")

Three Montreal sisters came to Sochi to conquer the mountain.  Two made it to the final moguls run.  And two stood on the podium listening to "O Canada".  Here is their story.

The Dufour-LaPointe sisters, Maxime, Chloe and Justine, are from a close=knit family.  Growing up, they used to go for rides in their boat on Lake Champlain.  They learned how to ski together.  When they attend World Cup events, they room together.  Four years ago, they camped out in Lake Placid, New York training for the 2010 Olympics.  It was there that their dad would make them homemade soup.  Their mom, although she possesses three university degrees, gave up her career to stay home and support her daughters' dream.  She explained to them that the girls were like a triangle, and that all the angles were equal.  The sisters maintain that:  "They [their parents] are their most loyal fans.  We wouldn't be here without them."

Yesterday, Johane Duforu and Yves LaPointe waited anxiously at the bottom of the mountain in Sochi.  It had been several days since they had seen their daughters as they were sequestered away in training.  After watching their two daughters win medals, Johane explained "All I want to do is see my babies".  With their medals around their necks, what is next for the Dufour-LaPointe sisters?  They plan to establish a clothing line for young girls.  

The one-two finish on the moguls run marks the fourth time in history that sisters have stood side by side on the Olympic podium.  France's Christine and Marielle Gotschel both won slalom and giant slalom medals in 1964 in Tokyo.  Also, Austria's Doris and Nagleica Neuner both won luge in Albertville in 1992.

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