Friday 14 February 2014

Patrick's Silver Lining

World Champion Patrick Chan courtesy

Today Patrick Chan thanked the hockey player who told him he should try figure skating when he was a kid, pointing to him as one of the individuals who led him to the Olympic podium.

Patrick Chan is the son of Canadian immigrants from Hong Kong.  His father moved here when he was only four years old and grew up in Montreal.  His mother moved here in her 20's.  While his father studied to be a lawyer, his mother was known for her athletic ability, winning both singles and doubles tournaments in her native country.

Growing up in Ottawa, Patrick tried skiing at five years of age along with skating as well.  For a short time he thought he would be a hockey player.  But someone suggested that he try figure skating.  Later the family moved to Toronto where Patrick attended a French language school and now is trilingual (French, English and Cantonese.

Patrick quickly moved up in the skating world, winning the Canadian championships in 2008.  In 2010 he was a silver medalist at the world championships.  At the Vancouver Olympics he placed fifth.  Then he went on to win the world championships three years in a row, a title he currently holds.

He arrived at Sochi hoping to dominate.  Along with the Canadian team, he clinched a silver in the team event.  In the men's short program he placed second.  Skating to Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Patrick aimed for gold in the long program.  He looked nervous as he took his position at the centre of the ice.  While he landed his first two jumps, he stumbled on his third and fourth.  The result was a second place.

Patrick was disappointed that his missed the gold by only five points.  But in the hearts of his fans, he is still number one.  Patrick Chan joins the ranks of Elvis Stojko and Brian Orser.  Felicitations, Patrick!

Patrick Chan's Olympic skate courtesy

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