Tuesday 11 February 2014

The Kiss: Part II

The Kiss:  Part I in Vancouver 2010 courtesy wpmedia-games.canada.com.

It was a feeling of deja vu as Charles Hamelin raced around the oval at the rink, crossed the finish line first, skated a victory lap with the Canadian flag draped over his shoulders and then climbed the boards to kiss his girlfriend, Marianne St. Gelais.

With two gold medals already around his neck at Vancouver, Charles Hamelin did not have anything to prove in Sochi.  And yet the hunger was still there.  The 1500 metre race in short track speed skating isn't even Hamelin's best race.  But he was on fire today.  After a quick start, Hamelin found himself in third place, but he did not panic.  He waited until he had the perfect opportunity to slip between two racers on a curve to reclaim first position.

Hamelin ended up claiming first place in 2 minutes and 14.985 seconds.  China's Tianyu placed second followed by Russia's Victor An.

Charles' father Yves Hamelin credits his extra training over the past year (twice a day) for the win.  The extra training totals two months.

Charles planned to go to bed early tonight as he has more races coming up.  In fact, Hamelin has the opportunity to be the most decorated Olympian.

And his most ardent fan has to be his girlfriend, fellow Olympian Marianne, who has two silver medals to her credit from Vancouver.  She will be cheering from the stands as he races around the oval in a few days.  He might earn another gold medal.  And we might see another kiss.

The Kiss Part II courtesy www.ctvnews.ca.

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