Thursday 30 May 2013

The Great Wall of China by Numbers

Here are some figures related to the Great Wall of China, which has a 2000 year history.

1.  5500 -- length in miles of the series of walls which make up the Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China circa 1907 courtesy

2.  1 million -- number of workers who built the wall

3.  300,000 -- estimated number of workers who died while building the wall (many are buried in the wall)

4.  1211 -- the year that Genghis Khan invaded China (the Great Wall didn't stop him)

5.  7 -- the number of Kingdoms that were at war; eventually they all merged to become the country of China

6.  33 -- average height of wall in feet

7.  30 -- percentage of wall that is still in good condition

8.  180 -- number of additional miles of wall discovered in 2008

9.  1923 -- the year that writer Adam Warwick wrote in National Geographic that the Great Wall of China was the only man made object that could be seen from the moon; now scientists say that it can only be seen from radar images taken from low earth orbit

10.  4 million -- the minimum number of tourists who visit the wall each year

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