Saturday 25 May 2013

Snoutfairs, Flamfoos & Gazoolies

I stumbled upon an interesting book called The Word Museum, by Jeffery Kacirk, full of English terms that are obsolete.  Here are ten of them.

1.  scandaroon:  a carrier pigeon

2.  nimgimmer:  a doctor or surgeon

3.  bowelhive:  a deadly distemper common among Scottish infants

4.  kiddliwink:  a small shop where they retail commodities of the village store

5.  gazooly:  constantly uttering laments

6.  flamfoo:  a gaudily dressed woman whose chief pleasure consists of dresses and flamboyant styles

7.  pastorauling:  playing at shepherds and shepherdesses:  used of lovers walking in the fields together

8.  merry-go-sorry:  mixed up feeling of joy and laughter accompanied by sorrow and crying; mood swings

9.  snoutfair:  a person with a handsome countenance

10.  lunting:  walking while smoking a pipe

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