Monday 13 May 2013

Tent Rocks, Fairy Chimneys or Earth Pyramids

These formations can be found in arid drainage basins or in badlands.  They form out of sedimentary or volcanic rock as the result of wind and water erosion. Their bottom half is soft rock while their top half is harder rock.  Mineral deposits can streak these rocks with varying colours.  They can be as short as a human or as tall as a 10 story building (5-150 feet tall).  English terms for these creations include:  tent rocks, fairy chimneys or earth pyramids.  The French phrase for these shapes is "demoiselles coiffees" which means "ladies with hairdos".  The Native Indian word for these shapes is hoodoos.

Hoodoos are found all over the world.  Visit Drumheller, Alberta to see mushroom-shaped rock formations that have soft bases which erode faster than their hard tops (capstones).

In the United States, Utah is the most famous state for tent rocks.

In Cappadocia,, Turkey, houses have been carved out of earth pyramids.

Davolja Varos, Serbia has 202 fairy chimneys.

Visit Alpes-de-Haute-Provences, France to see "Demoiselles Coiffees de Pontis".

Arizona has "teepee rocks" jutting out of the Coyote Buttes.

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