Friday 31 May 2013

Statue of Liberty by Numbers

Here are ten figures related to the Statue of Liberty, a gift from the French to the Americans, which was constructed in France and then shipped to America where it was reassembled in New York City's harbor in 1886.

1.  305 -- number of feet from base to crown

2.  450,000 -- weight in pounds of Lady Liberty

3.  354 -- number of stairs from base to crown

4.  25 -- number of windows in crown

5.  1906 -- the year the crown ceased to function as a lighthouse

Originally known as Bedloe Island courtesy

6.  4000 -- number of square yards of Lady Liberty's dress

7.  3/32 -- width in inches of copper exterior

8.  25 -- number of years it took the exterior to turn green

9.  250,000 -- cost in dollars of the statue; the pedestal cost another $125,000

Paris World's Fair circa 1878 courtesy

10.  1776 -- year inscribed on the tablet held by Lady Liberty


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