Sunday 26 May 2013

Woofits, Primpits & Loitersackes

Here are ten more obsolete English terms.

1.  woofit:  a hangover

2.  doggo:  in hiding; desire to be left alone

3.  batten:  to fatten; grow fat

4.  primpit:  stiffly dressed

5.  loitersacke:  a lazy, loitering fellow

6.  egg-wife-trot:  an easy jog; the speed a farmer's wife might carry eggs to market

Forgotten English

7.  sport ivory:  to smile

8.  puckfyst:  thirsty, as in a dried toadstall

9.  bouffage:  a satisfying meal (from the French)

10.  quixotism:  a romantic, absurd notion


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