Saturday 29 October 2011

Venus Fly Trap Eats Cat!

I remember when my son Thomas just learned how to read at 3 1/2 years old and we would be at the Zellers checkout and he would read the headlines of the tabloids with astonishment.  "Venus fly trap eats cat!" or "Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein adopt ape baby!"  Then I would have to explain to Thomas that these stories were concocted.  Today, as my daughter Jacqueline and I waited in line at the Zehrs checkout, I scanned the Hollywood tabloid headlines.  Woman kicks husband out; divorced woman has moved on to date hunk; woman reduced to skeleton and checked into rehab centre.  My head was spinning as I read the headlines. 

Now, while I know that no marriage is perfect, I am blessed to have a very stable husband.  In nineteen years of marriage, we have worked together through the good times and the bad.  We have never even come close to breaking up, even though Rob's mom passed away from cancer in the first year, we suffered three miscarriages within less than three years, my sister had a massive stroke and we have struggled financially.  We certainly didn't marry for money since we did not have two cents to rub together back in 1992. 

At the same time, God has blessed us richly in nineteen years.  Rob worked hard to earn both his M.A. and his PhD.  We were blessed with two amazingly healthy children.  We attend a church that is full of life.  We love our children's school, Brantford Christian School.  We have been blessed with several heatlhy nieces and nephews.  We have great neighbours.  Life is good.  No, we don't have any Venus flytrap stories, but we do have each other.  And that's all we need.

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