Thursday 27 October 2011

The Ripple Effect

My daughter Jacqueline had her heart set on throwing a penny she found at the mall into a fountain; however, we could not find a fountain so we stopped at a pond instead.  She wound up to throw the slightly tarnished copper coin into the blue water, let go and watched it fall short of the pond into the reeds.  So, back to Mommy she ran for another penny.  This time she wound up and the coin found its mark, falling into the pond with a plop.  Then she spotted a rock and threw it up in the air and into the water with an even bigger splash.  Slowly Jacqueline walked back up the hill to the van.  But my eyes still rested on the spot where she had dropped the rock:  ripples were still forming around the entry point of the stone across the smooth surface of the pond.  It was amazing to see one small stone make such a big impression on that pond.  Like the rock, we are small; but we can make a meaningful, lasting impression on others long after we take the plunge.

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