Saturday 8 October 2011

Indian Summer

We walked through the cornfields, the corn stalks gently swaying in the warm breeze, the giant silos jutting up into the azure sky, guiding us through the maze.  As we walked, we heard the ponies whinny as they were led into the trailer, Jacqueline having been one of their last riders for the day.  We climbed aboard a tractor which made a steady drone as we rolled past the strawberry fields where we had stained our hands red in June, past the apples that we had munched on in September, their juices running down our fingers, and on to the pumpkin patch where we would pick out a gourd for Halloween.  But first we stopped at a ravine to find some "treetures" as golden leaves fell above our heads.  Farmer Tom rolled the tractor to a stop and we disembarked, one large pumpkin in Rob's arms and some maize in Thomas' and Jacqueline's hands.  Indian summer is upon us.

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