Thursday 20 October 2011

The Little Red Purse

The little red purse hangs on the door. 
It's covered with a little white flower.
Though its owner still sleeps in her bed.
Soon she'll awake for the breakfast hour.

Off to London with Papa Bear,
To meet Grandma at the shopping mall.
What an adventure for Little One.
She brings the red purse and her favourite doll.

Grandma and the little girl "window shop".
Then stop for lunch at the local cafe.
Little One hangs the red purse on the chair.
For a little girl she has a lot to say.

Grandma and her granddaughter look at jewels.
They admire the shiny bracelets and rings.
Does she have enough money in her purse
To buy the pair of pretty pink earrings?

Now it's time to head for home.
Today's events have been a first.
She hugs her grandma and says goodbye.
As Grandma slips a cookie in the red purse.

(September 10, 2007.)

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