Friday 8 August 2014

Leaping Deer Corn Maze

We travelled down the 403 highway to 401 past Woodstock, then exited at Embro Road.  The sign on the transport truck trailer said "Leaping Deer Corn Maze".  We entered the cafe/bake shop and bought our tickets.  Then it was time for the corn maze.  With the sun over our heads and the 8 foot high cornstalks at our sides, the four of us entered the labyrinth.  The corn was still fresh, a vibrant green.  Thomas texted as he walked.  Jacqueline was eager to lead the way; she loves geography like her Dad.    But Rob suggested we take a different turn.  Jacqueline ended up being right.

We wound our way through the tall stalks, oblivious to the outside world.  Other than the sway of the stalks,we couldn't hear a sound.  Even though we made a few wrong turns, we made it in good time to the lookout bridge at the far side of the maze.  There, we were able to distinguish the basic outline of an owl, the design of the maze.  We climbed down and made our way back through the stalks of maize to the entrance.


Rob and Thomas decided to have a father/son contest.  It was time to play the strongman game.  Rob took a sledge hammer and pounded a scale, hoping to raise the marker all the way to the top to ring the bell.  After several whacks, he made it to level 14.  Then it was Thomas' turn.  After almost a year of weight training at the gym, Thomas looked pretty good.  He made it to level 16.  Rob was disappointed that he didn't win, but we moved on.

Jacqueline and Thomas rode on "dune buggies" and "tractors"; it was nice to see 15 year old Thomas enjoying the simple things in life with his sister.  The four of us played a half a round of mini-golf.  And we watched a pig race won by "Lightning Rod".

Then it was time to ride on the corn cob train.  But Rob was too big to fit in one of the cars.  So I asked him to buy some corn on the cob while he waited for us.  As polka music blared on the tractor radio, the corn cob wound its way through the grounds driven by a cowboy.  The next thing I knew, I saw Rob at the
strongman game.  He was trying to outdo his son!  How sneaky!  Sure enough, Rob made it to 17.

It was time for a re-match.  When we climbed out of the corn cob, Thomas returned to the strongman game. He took the sledge hammer and tried to beat 17.  Sure enough, with a few attempts, he hit 18.  But no, this time he was bound and determined to reach the top.  With a couple of more strikes, the bell rang!

Rob congratulated Thomas and then cheered himself up by ordering some French fries from the food shack. We munched on them as the workers closed up shop.  Then it was time to head to my brother's house for supper.  We made some great memories at Leaping Deer.  We'll have to go back next year for a rematch between Rob and Thomas.  For now, it's back to the gym.

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