Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Vintage Christmas Ads

1.  Coca Cola 1890's ad courtesy clickamericana.com.

2.  1910's Victrola ad courtesy staticflickr.com.

And a typewriter, to write heartfelt letters to friends and family.

3.  1920's typewriter ad courtesy www.buzzfeed.com.

4.  1930's Kodak camera ad courtesy blogspot.com.

5.  1940's Hoover ad courtesy wordpress.com.

6.  1950's Christmas lights ad courtesy blogspot.com.

7.  1960's Coty ad courtesy tumblr.com.

8.  1970's 7Up ad courtesy blogspot.com.

9.  1980's BMX ad courtesy staticflicr.com.

10.  Barbie ad courtesy vintageadbrowser.com.


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