Friday 10 March 2017

Ireland's Topography

Kilkenny Harbour forms a natural barrier between Galway and Mayo courtesy

1.  Ireland, which occupies 84,4009 square miles, is about half the size of Arkansas.

2.  It's greatest length, between Toor Head, County Antrim and Mizen Head, County Cork, spans 302 miles.

3.  It's greatest breadth, from Dundrum Head, County Down to Annagh Head, County Mayo, spans 104 miles.

4.  Its highest cliffs are found on the northern coast at Achill Island, County Mayo, an area which suffered an earthquake in 2012.

5.  The longest river, Shannon, flows 204 miles before pouring into the Atlantic Ocean at Limerick.

6.  The island's coastline runs 1907 miles.

7.  The largest lake, Lough Neagh, measures 153 square miles and supplies Ireland with 40% of its water.

8.  Ireland consists of four provinces broken up into 32 counties, six of which are part of Northern Ireland.

9.  The mountains are composed of granite, sandstone, limestone, karst and basalt.

10.  Ireland has 4,633 square miles of bogland consisting of blanket bogs and raised bogs.

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