Thursday 13 October 2016

Roadblock: A Canine Commotion

"Rockwell was a true master at telling a story in one frame." (George Lucas)

One dog is holding up twenty people.  A truck is making its way through an alleyway when a bulldog jumps out in front of it.  Everyone directs their attention towards the hound:  "the artist's pointed brush, a window washer's downward glance, the pet owner's distraught expression on the balcony, a bicyclist and postman on standby, neighbourhood kids facing forward and the delayed driver's urgent pleas..."  Even a cat has stops to watch the canine commotion, accompanied by a pigeon on the clothesline.

Norman Rockwell had only a moment to catch the public's attention with his artwork on the cover of magazines.  As George Lucas said, "Rockwell was a true master at telling a story in one frame."  He brought new meaning to the phrase "A picture is worth a thousand words."  With each stroke of a brush, Rockwell's story unfolded.  Roadblock appeared on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post on July 9, 1949.  

A truck drive tries to coax a dog to move away from his vehicle.

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